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Have you ever wondered what will happen if we have a power outage for several days? Or what will happen if we can't communicate anymore (no cell phone, no telephone)?

Once upon a time there were ...

two friends from the canton of Bern. They know each other since the end of the 90's and have been through a lot together. It all started with camping, actually it was a vacation, but what if the tent is under water? We created retreats together (properly created with wood and such) and furnished them and now and then there was communication silence.

We keep asking ourselves the following questions:

  • What do I need to make sure I always have clean water?
  • How do I store my food?
  • What do I do when it's 35 degrees outside?
  • How do I get an Internet connection now?

Luck favors the one who is prepared.
- Louis Pasteur

We like to be prepared. That's also the reason why you landed on this page. We live our passion so you can prepare yourself.

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